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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Friday File: Gravity WINS in this scenario


Hello My Darling!

This is a CATS MEOW - Really!
MY inbox provided some amusing stories:   Causing me to shake with laughter ( I almost dropped my pencil in my milk bowl) ...... like jumping jack in a sand box!   Today's  topic is PHYSICS - GRAVITY

I decided to be a good editor and leave the content as is:

This story is about  "Miss M" . Every Diva has a story, her favorite pass time is catching butterflies, birds or any flying object!

The box was place on the dining room table, for my cat to lie in as she loves, them as much as shipping bag. The pretty ones with designs of fish, or animals with big handles.  The box was placed with the bottom facing forward looks harmless, it is. 

{Physics: the force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass}

Ooohhh, look what's inside (shopping to sleep on) NEW and FRESH, covered with plastic the kind that makes crinkle noise, that cats adore!!!
Like my new NEST...there is room for TWO

"Miss M" carefully pulled the items out, making a comfortable next.  All seems good for a short nap.  She decided a little grooming would be suitable (stretching she got up shifting, right and left to get her body just right.  Shifting so all of her weight was at the end of the corner of the box.   Gravity was the hidden element, the master of disguise (as it often is).
Puppies and kitten know all this until they get their sea legs.

 Until gravity interceded with "Miss M" shifting her weight while grooming. The right end corner shifted causing a "V" formation to hang over the table. With the top portion acting like a tent, the "V" formation revealing a 'Miss M" performing like a fireman sliding down a fireman's poll.
Perfect BALANCE.....OR NOT


Paws held high in submission to the sky "Mommy save me NOW". She remained unscathed due to a 'soft landing on her rabbit back legs'.

No harm came to "Miss M" she just needed more experience  and a little background on SCIENCE!

Remember:  Always send in "Jenni the Inspector" to check out your favorite 'box, shopping bag or favorite hiding space".    She is a stunt 'cat' actor and loves to discover new spaces.  

Well my DARLINGS...................

See you next time on the Friday File:  The next topic is Separation Anxiety 101.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Friday File: PAWS 4 Thought - RNR

Hello MY Darlings!

Well how are you? "Are you dragging your paws, you just want to have a nap...have you been up late chasing too many mice...ummm yes, I thought so"! The evenings are drawing in..shorter!!!

A lot of emails this week on MY cat computer , on the same complaints from both human, and feline community.  Interesting furnominum: felines are picking up the human energies and reading each others body language!

This has given me PAWS4THOUGHT!

Looking at the cat calender it is November firs!!! I'v had my Secretary chasing her tail in circles:  Running out shopping to send my cat cousins gift to over the duck pond in England;  Running back to the theatre getting new costumes for the Christmas parties; making lists and checking them.  She even makes jewellery in her spare time (I had no idea - maybe knew)?? InspiredDesigns4YOU

It wasn't until I was a night-owl on the prowl myself and caught her with the light on!  I tippy toed in a crouching position - 'stealth mode'. While her back was turned bend over the work table...I let out a roar of a MEOW -- "You are a NIGHT OWL -it's now confirmed". (Purring with great satisfaction).   I wondered why the raccoon eyes at 9:00 a.m. ummmm!
Diva: I have Intuition don't you know!

The reaction was quite PURFECT!  She literally jumped out of her human skin, like a rice paper image you often see on fine exquisite candy (Snickering). Her Gin and tonic no more! LOL *^..^*~

Target: Spotted


Life Skills Update:

Life can make us extremely busy, chasing our tails in circles...(yes, you humans too). Clients have said  "I try to  over  accomplish,  working long hours, too many errands this time of year" Too many catnip balls, yes, I have to be on the alert too for this!

(•.¸♥´).(•.¸♥t.@^..^@ ! (´*•.¸♥¸.•*    )   Reminder to build in a "RNR Cat Day"  (Rest and Relaxation) into you routine, especially if you are working at home, or have an cottage industry or self-employed.  If you work 7 days a week, set aside Friday as the RNR day(•.¸♥´).(•.¸♥t.@^..^@ ! (´*•.¸♥¸.•*    ).    PAWS and EFFECT.....its all about PURSEPCTIVE after all MY darlings.

If you last missed the last Friday File here is the link again:


(•.¸♥´).(•.¸♥t.@^..^@ ! (´*•.¸♥¸.•*    ) - Do this now: Go and have a bowl of milk and take the evening off:

My stand in: She has the right persepctive
 See you on the next  'Friday File'  

(•.¸♥´).(•.¸♥t.@^..^@ ! (´*•.¸♥¸.•*    )

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