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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday File: COOL CAT TIME = Make Time for ME!

Cool Cat Time
Hello MY Darling!

This is a new feature called the "Saturday File".  A little short note from me......!

I hope  you are enjoying, stretching, sleeping, chasing mice or out with some 'cool cats'!

I decided to sleep in, MY faithful secretary arrived with breakfast which I had in MY donut bed! Lapping with excitement the warm dish of MILK , soon became history!

Christan Bale as Bruce Wayne
I decided to watch a very cool movie on TV "Batman Begins (2005) with Christian Bale.  Christian Charles Philip Bale was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales on January 30, 1974. Bale's father, David, was a commercial pilot, and the family lived in different countries throughout Bale's childhood, including England, Portugal, and the United States. He also played in the Dark Knight.

Entertainment Snacks!
Other "Cool Cats" I hang out with

Reminder:  Whatever YOU do or choose to do, make time for YOU.   Chill out with feline and canine friends and make Saturday and Sunday a very CAT COOL time!

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See YOU next time......................................MY DARLINGS!

Monday, August 5, 2013

To Be or Not to BE: Cat and Dog Supplements for the taking???

 Hello MY Darlings:

I have had a lot of questions pass my desk on the issue of: cat care, supplements. 

Like HUMANS,  we need to take care of our  feline and canine bodies: chomping on 'cat grass' or the casual stretch doesn't do it sometimes we need help ...DARLINGS! (Purring and washing face)
  A girl has to look after herself.

While my PAWS are geared to counselling, wrapping MY mind as a ball of wool in intellectual pursuits.   ^..^ Always consult with your Veterinarian on animal health. Occasionally, YOUR Secretary or HUMAN can make moderate suggestions! 

(Lyrically throat - munnenyow, munndenyow)
^..^I've peppered this blog with a little DIVA humour (as you know I would, we cats like to make a game of it)! 

Do you have your PAWS ready? Get your HUMAN to bring you a snack of kibble and a cool bowl of water!
In my practice, clinical field work and resource often overlap life. Oh yes I admit it ..... "How to drive your human crazy, and have fun in the process"!   I've collected some of the 'sage comments' from emails / See what you think!!!
 Cat PURSECTIVE and casual observations:  

^..^1) (Paw on hip with air of authority). Look cats don't (or won't) chew supplements - no self respecting DIVA would. Dogs do LOL  (cause they WILL eat anything on command or simply do it to please you);
Ask the right questions -

^..^2) Chihuahua writes: "We are not like cats and often won't ask WHY, as the food being offered or treat is the reward - (cats will sniff and back up if not sure as they are the inspectors)"!
^..^3) "Dogs love to PLEASE humans, and wag, wag, wag of the tails. Is the food for me? Is it? Is it"?  Ever see us at the vets we love to socialize not matter what".

^..^4) Pill cutting: - poor human tries "The Alfred Hitchcock Approach".  A little mystical planning ---knife carefully poised on the supplement. (Human thinks 'How hard can this really be'.  Diva anticipates the obvious.....broken into million pieces. Tap, tap, tap.......
I can't Watch!
ing, ping, wang, pong 
ricocheting  round the kitchen. (Diva laughing impersonating "Bette Davis" ).  Better than a tennis match or like buzzing bees in flight.  MY human used so much force that the flat bladed knife, her face got as red as a fire breathing dragon.  I thought her ears were going to emit smoke like a steam engine! Enough to set off the fire alarm";
I'm getting dizzy!
                                                                                                                                                                            ^..^5) (Yawning bored) "She tried also tried mix them in my water bowl,ummm lets play!
It passed the time as I waited for my dinner!!!  ha ha ha, loving it'!

^..^6) "The supplement is a nice purple colour!  Will it make my tongue the same? 
Will it change the colour of MY water. Will it match My theatrical outfits or shoes? Do they glow in the dark?  Are they fish or chicken flavored...sure don't look like kids Flintstones".

^..^7) "Do "Vet labs"  have a special group of humans they call 'taste testers'. I bet they didn't tried them either'!
^..^8) "Watch out for those 'pill givers' instruments, keep your mouth shut. Yes, humans have to be trained in this skill...however..........
Be like a clam-shell  hide pills in the corner of your mouth! Split them out like cherry pips, she won't find them until later'. 
I remember MY human shared a story.....I listening lapping on my bowl of milk. (Thoughtfully): Her mother as a child, didn't like 'bread crusts' and used to hide them in her apron. Then ran down to the 'chicken coop' (did someone say CHICKEN) in the bottom of the garden, gratefully offering these tender morsels!  Another strategy was to hid them in the hall cupboard under the stairs, to be found later at some unknown date!  She was one smart human.....I like her style!!!! ^..^! This just might work ...ummmm.
That's a good story! PAWS for Thought!

Well MY darlings, what has been your experience with 'pills, supplements' and ways you have managed to 'wriggle out' pill popping adventures!

Be sure to comment in the blog and invite your furry friends along for the ride!

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