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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow Adventures - Bliss on a Winters Day

Hello MY darlings!

Did I perhaps disturb you from your winters nap (head tilting to the side)?   Wake up for a snow adventure with me.

In the early morning, the bright sun stirred me from
my slumber as butterflies dancing on the air.

I looked up to from my window, to a white blanket of freshly fallen snow nestled on the tops of buildings.  Creating a dusting of 'icing sugar' on the sidewalks below.

Humans with flapping coats, as if they were being nudged along by the soft wind... wrapping around their legs.  It was funny to watch them, trying to walk. Little children with bright woolen mittens interlocking their fingers with their parents.  Lifting their heads with mouths open to catch the snow flakes tasting them before they melted.   Cat's tongues are great for this due to their nobbled texture!

Fresh fallen snow add new beauty to nature's vista
A soft purrs emanated from my throat filling me with excitement.....snow, snow...snow woo hoo!!!. New adventures, the smell of fresh fallen snow, the snow flakes tickling my whiskers!!!!!.  I rang the chauffeur "James" we are off for a trip to the Lakeshore toward my favorite waterfront. Doffing his black cap and saluting, "Yes, Ma'am" was the polite reply.

JJ Plaus Park - Mississauga
In my kingdom Diva's would not be seen sporting those 'dog boots', besides which they are not featured in Prada. (singing her my favorite ditty)......"The Diva only wears Prada" - lol. 

After a short drive we finally arrived.  I kept pacing back and forth in the back seat, anxiously waiting the release of the door catch.

Crystals held in nature

Nose to the ground, I sniffed picking up delicious scents. Checking for squirrel tracks looking for their pattern of escape... perhaps a snack in the making!

I smelt the air with my nose and let the snow flakes fall naturally on my whiskers, there was so much to see.  Frozen walkways, foot prints both of human, animals and birds.

 I spotted a rather dashing cat sitting on a park bench reading 'cat's mag'.

He was was elegant...well groomed and of interest to me. He could win the yearly 'staring out contest'.  An afternoon sojourn.....perhaps a nice warm cappuccino ........surely the chauffeur needs to buff up the car. (Wry smile) I'll send him on a 'fishing expedition' ha ah .. the dreaded shopping spree! 

"Tuxedo cat" has a rich baritone purr and  with a Austrian accent.  Umm..... I thought......I bet he knows a place to purchase Schwarzwälder Kirschtortespoke. 

We exchanged polite conversation and found out my cousin lived two doors down the road in Vienna.   I gave the chauffeur the remainder of the afternoon off.

I remembered a good friend of mine suggested a coffee shop in Oakville.....

so off we ran .........for an never know!  Snow adventures........take on amazing adventures.

A Diva enjoys a Mochacappucino

Remember:   MY Darlings, socialize, enjoy the moments in life, whether a sojourn over coffee or tea........surround yourself with friends....making happy memories.....    

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Happy reading......................See you next time...........for more fun in the snow!!!!