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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumnal Equinox - Fall is Here!

Reflections from my window!
Hello MY Darlings!

Welcome! It only seemed like a short while that we invited
Spring to our doorstep in North America!

Gazing out of my 10 floor window. I look up for a moment, lapping on my room temperature saucer of MY milk. MY human assistant is well trained! She dabs a little of the milk on her elbow to make the temperature just right!! (quintessentially ....lip smacking good).

Well, the summer is changing her metaphorical coat. Warm array of golden yellow, coppery orange add a bright canopy of colour to the horizon!!

 As you know CATS are very intelligent, so I had my human do the research for ME. After all that is WHAT THEY ARE FOR (smirking).

For humans it depends on what side of the pond (did somewone say fish???) you were born: North America, Australia, England,

The New Forest - Magic Carpet Canopy

 Europe.  My human is from England so she knows it as "Autumn".   Here my North American friends call it "FALL", meaning when the leaves fall off the trees (not when humans go climbing and fall out of the tree or hang upside down) LOL.  They are known to be quite clumsy. Have you ever watched them navigating trees?  They would starve to death - not like US!

The Spring Equinox diagram looks like balls of wool waiting to be chased....woo hoo!  Lets get some mice...........and start the party now!!!!

"Do ya want to play? Do ya, do ya"? This is what my best friend Sammy use to say to me.  "Let me start the annoying 1, 2, 3".

Speaking of scientists: Here is a piece of trivia. Which you might have heard in UK universities. The term Boffin, is a stock character in United Kingdom culture: a scientist, engineer, or other person engaged in technical or scientific research).  Ha ha I thought it was from "Harry Potter"

I prefer to gaze and day dream about my ancestors in Egypt!  The scientific colouration according to the Cat Fanciers Association is this:

Calico's carry the gene which called "piebald"

"The piebald gene is among the most common of all natural mutations, and manifests in many different forms dealing with the restriction of color pigment in a specific pattern.

Some form of this gene appears in all species of domesticated animals, but is absent in almost all wild animals.  The exception to the rule is the Zebra. The colouration would make them susceptible to attack by natural predators: "  
Well My DARLINGS - whatever you call it Autumn Equinox, Fall or Autumn. 
After MY nap I'm going out to chase come leaves --  OR do this.... NOTHING!
See you next time - Ciao DARLINGS

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