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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Sunday File: Never A DULL Moment ^..^!

HELLO MY DARLINGS - Did you Miss Me?

ღ♔☊☋ツTo my entire feline, canine,human friends welcome!ღ♔☊☋ツ

I have been in Europe on a PAWS Symposium for Psychologists. It can take a while to get your paws, into the Swing of Things, especially after the holidays!

I took time in between CAT sessions to visit family and cousins...TOOO much turkey and fun!  My Tutu didn't fit anymore....!!!

1)  Give yourself time to transition from the holidays to 'normal routines'.
2) Relax, don't over stress; 3) Humans = observe how your feline or canine reacts..SHE CAN TEACH you~~~!!!

(Wiggling whiskers and wiping paws over eyes) ^..^~

I've just checked my emails 2000!!! One caught my curious eyes.....Swiping paw over tablet I found a hilarious story from a patient, she calls it 'NEVER A DULL MOMENT'. (Umm try living with a HUMAN, now that is a challenge - ask me)!!
I am quite sure 'Dear Readers' you can relate, thank you to patient (Susan) for her story!!
"The Saturday started out to be 'normal' (?????? .....if you can call it that). 

My 9 year old feline was still showing signs of playfulness .....even after the holidays (I guess I must be wicked!!).  I am quite lucky to have survived the Christmas and New Years activities.  "Valentina" is quite the drama queen, she reminds me so much of ("Jenni the Divva" I have read about...are they related....I wonder)! 

She is like a 4 years old kitten, displaying the energy of a comet!! Sometimes, I'm just exhausted. Being Italian, carries her face so well in her birthright. Her emerald eyes narrowed squinting or the coy expression she often uses to manipulate. (We know that is a mask).  After dinner, the normal face washing and paws positions do delicately around her pristine body. The hum of classical music started to lull both us off to sleep after a delicious dinner of chicken and asparagus!! 
Ummm......I'll outsmart YOU.

I thought, a good time to catch up on emails and sending out those 'thank you's' before it too late. 

Ummm.....a quiet evening lay before us. I had nodded off......Just then out of the corner of my eye, a blur of paws!! (I almost slid off the sofa like a mud slide. Jumping of of my skin!!! ) Leaping in mid air!!!! What happened? Was she dreaming, was there a bug on the wall or in the air - a little protein snack?  

She ran up the arm to the back of the sofa, scrambling, digging 20 claws into the back of the cushion as a haven.   Her face told the story......with every element. Wearing shock and bewilderment as her mask. Whiskers gleaming with droplets of water; children hanging from the washing like daring each other to simply let go!  

As it turns out she had 'fallen asleep at the wheel'.  I had brought her a dish of freshwater placing in the hollow of the sofa - right side; creating a wedge of support - not falling.

Mount Everest Here I Come - Yikes......
CAT NIP 101......
Well Valentina, was SO RELAXED (the hum of her purring was like a well oiled lawn mower, but that is normal for her). I figured it out!


 She failed to feel the whiskers in the dish, and then work up with an electric start, scaring herself with water dripping down her face - glued to the back of the sofa. 

"Mummy help..........................".    Her eyes wide as saucers, flat head, and crouching.

I then had to 'mop' up the pool of water with whole box of tissues (Valentina looks disgusted with the whole affair). The second stage was a tea towel and an anti-slip mat and removal of the empty water bowl.  

Comfort Zone - Thanks MUMMMY!

Valentina, was wrapped in a fleece blanket and whispers of 'its OK darling' you are safe!  Never a Dull Moment.....!!!".   
 Well, my my, that that is quite the story!!!

I love hearing from my clients!
Yes, life with feline, canines can be quite spontaneous and full of surprises; those unexpected events in life that are never dull but are hilarious even when at the time we don't see it!

Remember: Stretch, Yawn, Relax, as a CAT: would!

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