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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friday File: Human Dilemma - Sleepless Nights in TO

Hello MY Darlings!

Well, I had to pull this topic for "Friday File" out of the metaphoric rabbit hat!  A lot of emails this week on the issue of sleep disturbances.  Ah yes, this has to do with the change of the seasons.

Whether you are a feline, canine or human psychologist sometimes OUR clients think we can wave a proverbial 'cat magic wond' and make the issues disappear (POOF)!

There have been a activity in my 'in box'!

Of course cats are known to be nocturnal by nature; it's in our our very marrow, right down to our paw prints!!!  Feline clients have told me "We can hardly wait for humans to get to bed so we can party, raid left over pizza boxes" (yes I remember reading that in the Chronicles of the Diva Files a short while ago Pizza-party the-morning).
Singing on hot tin roofs like 'Fiddler on the Roof" chasing squirrels until they are dizzy;

I'm up for some mischief

 Let the adventures reveal themselves: Play ping-pong in the bathtub; act as interior decorators in the living room, scattering cushions on the floor. Creating new forms of Fen Shui. We hide behind sheer living room curtains, making ourselves invisible. We patiently stalk the 'moving traffic' from our perch though solid glass, at dawn they mysteriously turn into birds and fly into our gaping mouths!!! YUM!

(Stretches to regain focus) Humans on the other hand have inferior eyesight, have awkward agility at night. Evolution stood them upright. They normally sleeping at night...with some exceptions LOL. How boring it must be!!!
Don't ya just luv it!

Enter the Human Dilemma:

My research shows human biorhythms and circadian body clocks can be drunken squirrels. Either they are: night owls or morning people!!! Or somewhere in between!  Can't even deal with a full-moon LOL!!!!

Night Owls:  love to play, party hard, study, write and create any where from 1:00 - 4:00 a.m  (ask MY secretary). I play SHE types!  That is why these humans look like spooked raccoons falling over their feet at 8:00 a.m!

Morning Chorus Humans:  They are usually in bed at 9:30a.m and up at 5:30a.m bright eyed and bushy tailed. Raring to GO once morning light draws back the curtain!!!(Is this misguided evolution).  They are 'superhuman, able to leap bounds and multitask at 6:30 a.m!!! "You talkka MY language.......MEOW"

Sleepless in T.O (Toronto) you say!  My clients say that this a huge problem for the female variety.  It also depends on their sensitivities (the tidal pull of the moon); late night movies, lap top, television..too many distractions = complications.


1) Turn off the computer or TV after 10:30 p.m allowing for the natural circadian rhythm to fall naturally into place (adrenal glands surge at 11:00 p.m waking the body up);
2) Never go to bed hungry, always a bowl of milk, or ( 70 dark chocolate cake);

3) Try a little lap around the park or stroll after dinner;
4) Listen to pleasant music, call a friend;
5) "Get your self LOST in a BOOK" my humans grandmother used to say!
6) Massage your feline or canine companion (connect intuitively - bond)
7) Take a page from the above and RE-LAX
Food for thought MY DARLINGS!!
Whatever works FOR you!!!

I never have had trouble sleeping myself.

Night patrol!

Listing to your stories helps make MY practice PURFECT! I'm beginning to understand HUMANS. Thank you to all of your emails.............they always keep me PURRING!

 Follow the Diva:.............&^..^&.....!

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