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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fall is Finally Here! Newsletter October 2016

Cali glad to be the COOLest Cat!

Well, it was a Purfect....summer.....although I must say
I was fortunate to find my favorite spot has 'air conditioning'.   My human even chills a tea towel in the fridge for a few moments ( I have her trained already - smiling) .  I hear even dogs how have a body vest that you immerse in cold water, then it keeps them cool!
 Mind you it would have to be 'Vogue' or no Vogue for me..if you get my meaning! Or is it this "Diva wears ONLY PRADA" LOL   Have you ever tried to catch mice wearing a fur coat...when it's 90 degrees!!

Oh it's too hot to I won't
I had my human running right and left, while I sat looking at the gulls getting exhausted flying around... I guess diving into bird baths with ice cubes would be too much of a shock......LOL.

You know the best place to chill is the bathtub.....I leave a couple of ping - pong balls there at I can make a racket in the middle of the night. LOL
Laughter or yawning....well you be the judge...LOL

Hot off the CAT NEWS PRESS:

I just heard about one of my favorite shops having a purfect deal on shipping.......

All Tuesday's in October are free express shipping.

I think I will go over and find out more....

how about you.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my humans, furry friends!

Now for a cat nap.....
Dreaming of Take out Dinner........

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Doog Days of Summer August 2016 - Be Cool Like Me.

Doog....Days of Summer - Aug 2016

Hello Kitten's, Puppies, Humans (excuse me while I PAWS and Stretch):

How COOL I am ...well you know me, I'm always that way.... LOL!!!   Be Cool and reelax...!

No seriously............(just keep those paws very still...and read this)....

Make sure you bother your human parental for a fresh bowl of water in this the "Doog Days of Summer".  You can rattle and flick water all over the floor!!!  It's a heat wave out there.  Did you know in Southern Ontario, it's as hot as the tropics!

Phew it's all I can do but sit here and look out of my perch.  Peering at those  those crazy gulls flying's as dopey as a human running this heat for the sake of 'exercise'.   Look at the friends behind me (Boppie is just standing there as if 'frozen in time'  LOL.   I had better give her a little bit to see if she will's ok we 'ruff house' all time.

Seagull or Pigeon Pie Anyone?
I'm really lucky here lounging in the air conditioning, my pet parent has put the ceiling fan on, and ice cubes in my water bowl.  I have been nibbling at my dry cat food (chicken, duck) ....thinking in my head of the havoc I can do later on....(hunting time midnight).

That is when I drive my pet parent crazy....cause she wants to go to know....that's when the PAWS Party starts!!!!   I have all the soft rubber balls all over the house, so I can run from room to room creating havoc wherever I go! LOL.

I'm still Cute...don't you Think!  

Never put your 'toys all in one basket', keep those 'huuman guessing' then you have purrfect control!

My pet parent thinks I am eating all the while...I'm 'thinking .    (Smirking....pretending to wash paws and face....) . Now if only I could find a way to grab my the other dishes from the pantry and fill them with water.....then put them on the ceiling fan.   Turn it off, then my parent turns it on she will get soaking when....sure beats the 'sprinkler' effect that you see kids running through.

All for MEEEEE!!!!

Write back to us and tell us what your summer has been like, how you BEAT THE HEAT.

If you do, I will get my pet parent to make you a cat nip pillow, first 5 people to respond please!

Leave your comments in the 'Comment Box' .

Next blog: find out what created to keep my parent awake..................  

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mother's Day or Attention Seeking Behavior 101- Cali's Corner

 Well Hello Kitties, Puppies and Pet Parents!

A very happy spring!   I have been driving my pet parent
crazy....I have so much energy...I can't keep up with myself!

I am up at the crack of dawn (so my parent says), looking out into the night sky for glimpses of 'seagulls' with my 'motion detector eyes, I can see anything.  Of course they give themselves away by squawking, or better yet 'screeching' that makes my parent most annoyed..muttering odd noises under her breath as she tries to sleep.  LOL.  I tell the gulls - turn up the volume - meow!  I never seem to get the sea gulls to come in for a visit.... (mind you we did have 2 pigeons roast in the winter...for a few seconds on the window sill...I guess they didn't like my fangs...which I showed off????

You know I have a wonderful view of my urban dwelling.....I sit from my perch, which is better than trying to navigate a tree in the park. Sure enough the fire department is 20 feet away...but if I want attention..I'd rather be in the movies...LOL

Let me tell you a human like me likes the south west window to catch the afternoon sun.  After a long winter that lasted until was 'let me outta here!

Well she was working on her 'jewellery' on my small coffee table I use to get to the window..meow, that's mine I tell her.   Yes, I am able to jump on my cabinet with my vets fleece and 2 cotton towels...I demand comfort...however... I decided to surprise my never guess what I came up with.   I was observing her for a while...she sure was quiet......{as a kitten I used to jump from the floor to her lower back, then up her back on to her shoulders...just so I could bet at the credenza for food.   I had tiny legs and she was just the perfect human stepladder}.  I expect she has a dozen t-shirts with tiny holes from my tiny nails in them...LOL .   It worked until I got big and developed my 'rabbit type legs'  one leap for mankind at a single bound - which is 3 feet in the air!
I decided the best way to let her know I wasn't pleased with her occupying the seat and table..was to fool her completely -- I'd jump on her stop her from working...what could she do but me!  Meow.....meow..

I jumped on her back, although I'm not that big, I'm long in the body with my huge "Maine Coon" tail....well it must have been a left over that God decided, he had a spare one hanging around.  I'm a Calico Tabby at least that is what my adoption papers say
Landing on her back was easy...I kept moving around....she got closer and closer to her knees until she was almost kissing the table...LOL -- Meow aren't I good!  Just when she was thinking to wiggle I turned around, and around...slapping my tail on her shoulder...that's it - let her know who is boss!!!!    I did this for 5 minutes know it's like the human version of a 'time out for kids'.

They get the picture eventually even when they are 3 years of age.    Eventually I did get down...and decided to go an annoy her more by then asking for food. She moved over to the computer table thinking she would get a reprieve....until I hid under the table, stretched up on my haunches and pretended to sharpen my claws on her jeans...LOL...'attention seeking behavior'.  Watching those nature programs and cartoons gives me some good idea!

I then decided after much
activity to sit have a wash, then a drink.....

There is never a dull moment around here...

I have all my soft rubber balls hidden around the place, which make there appearance around 1 or 2 a.m.
Silver tin foil is the very best.   I can jump on the credenza where the ear phones are and rattle them...wakie wakie........(are you asleep.......if you you're not - giving a wry smirk)...

Since I'm up most of the night.... I usually sleep during the day....I have lots of hiding places and if I plan it right. I hid under the bed..where she can't see me or out of 'arms reach' LOL

Well, I guess I had better wish her a 'Happy Mother's Day'  she really is a pretty good human as they go.    I had the chef Vanessa prepare a little something....I was going to add sardines, or fresh salmon - but I ate it instead  -- leaving the fruit instead.. LOL

Spring time is wonderful with so much dwelling is a virtual play pen for cats and kitties, we do allow dogs too of course.    Humans may leave their shoes at the door LOL.

Well, I'm off to play ....and create some
more ideas how to fool my pet parent........kittens it's a good time to watch and observe them for this will help you when your grow up into adulthood!  Come back for more antics from Cali's will make your pur.......

Are you ready for fun yet.....meow...............................

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cali the Curious Cat January 2016: Anything that looks like a ball must be?

I'm purfecting what to do next!!
Cali the Curious Cat January 2015!

Well, I have been learning, growing and playing since my last post!

Mum don't move, I have your laces!

I'm a feisty, independent Calico/Tabby/Maine Coon (did someone say H20)????

I had a fabulous Christmas, I really understood what a artificial tree can be used for:  1) A great hiding place 2) A place to watch your human parent and to poke at her as she walks by 'calling your name'.   3). It's a great place for storing 'Tomatoes, and Avocado's'.

Avocado Persea americana

Solanum lycopersicum  (deadly nighshade) 

When she is not looking, simply roll them off the window ledge (honestly, they aren't very heavy...they look like the bouncy rubber balls I have to play with).   I don't know the shape of the avocado looks like a 'human sat on it' (meow, meow)! LOL

She never know what will happen when I'm around!
Did you know the Avocado is also known as an Alligator Pear (yikes) I'm not staying around for that one (I'd have a 'hissy fit' for sure or hide)!

I'm the Queen of Toys, anything Round!
I simply lob any items along my path on the window sill with my big paws! Bonk, bonk, I heard my human 'nattering' 'talking to herself' "Cali did you see the vegetable I left to ripen in the sun".  (Dead silence from me.....what did she think.....I reveal my secrets....meow)! 
She was walking around all for 2 days ..just as well it might have eventually disappeared into the carpet. LOL

Now that the tree is down, I will have to be more creative!!

Simply wrap your paws around these stories of will have your purring!

Any stories you wish to have featured, don't forget to comment that makes us purr too!


I love to be Cali's Mentor and teach her about Humans!
Next time I will teach you how to wake up your pet parent without an electric alarm clock (meow).  I am smart, a great hunter and love to get into 'cat mischief'.  

Remember to follow me here I'm now officially the Resident Intern.....!