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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Friday File: Beating the Summer Heat _ Diva Style

Hello MY Darlings!

Well, I hope you are enjoying the summer so far.
Even the window is hotter than NORMAL!
It is hotter than a 'cat on a hot tin roof' outside!!!
Here in MY studio I'm just right! Not much human traffic outside today, unless they are in their cars!!!                                     
I wash my whiskers sparkly clean
 as I reflect how lucky I am!
Fresh H2O for Kitty 

The sun is shining, with it's warm inviting face, MY body benefits from rays. When it gets a bit too much I shift PAWS around to the end of the table, where the air conditioning is!

Oh, MY secretary has just bought me a delicious offering.  In a moment I'll  dunk face first into my water bowl with an ice chips (don't lap up too quickly other wise you'll get tummy ache)........I guess I have trained her well ^..^!
Favorite playmate! Now you see it NOW you DON'T

I think I'm going to have MYSELF a lazy day!

Tin Man you have to hydrate!

With some friends!!!!

I follow DIVAS advise


 10 ways to BEAT the HEAT!

  1.  If you do go out find a shady spot;
  2. Don't stay in the sun for too long, take your umbrella;
  3. Bring along a friend, they can bring along ice-cream;
  4. Dive into a kids wadding pool (paddle with the best of them);
  5. Humans, DON'T leave feline or canines unattended in the car (or children for that matter); Double check your car before locking... retrieve your companions!
  6. Excessive panting means drink MORE, keep sensible;
  7. Go out BEFORE 'High Noon' or 'After dinner'...great for walking  on     the Beach;
  8. Make sure your SECRETARY brings food, water and cold face cloth;
  9. Pack a little extra just in case you see a feline or canine without   
Enjoy your Summer!

If you stay might do what I do..........go for a SPA!


DIVA has it made!

There are more treats in store..follow the DIVA!!!

                           A little personal note:  We wish little "Dundas" the lion kitty ...
                                            all the very best as he continues to heal.
                                                                  A round of PAWS to his

                                                                            great team at

                                                               Toronto Downtown Animal!

If you missed last weeks "Friday File" it's here: Friday File: July 12 Going in Incognito

See  you next time ^..^!

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