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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Days are PURFECT for sharing!

Hello My Darlings!

The birds are are chirping with much happiness, nattering away as I write from my quiet abode. The urban city, trudging along to the hum of traffic, human pedestrians going here and there...pondering as I am about "Summer time" less than a week away! Meoooooooooooooooooow!  Are you ready, I am!

My human, loves to hum along with this retro music..da, da, da, ta, ta, tada'.

Start those paws and toes tapping:

For all those Baby Mongo Jerry"In the Summertime"

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - from Cole Porters "Summertime"

Well, I'm making my 'wish list' to give to my servant (LOL):
  • A trip to the beach
  • A ride with Tuxedo cat
  • Catch some Salmon!
  • Sleep......
Did you know?
Salmon are fish that belong to the family of Salmonidae (biologists classify types of organisms according to similar characteristics: the term “families” encompasses the more commonly used terms “genus” and “species.” Within the Salmonidae family are the genus Salmo, which contains Atlantic salmon, and the genus Oncorhynchus, which contains Pacific salmon released into the Great Lakes, trout, and char. A common characteristic of salmonids is the presence of an adipose fin just in front of the tail on the dorsal (top) side. In general, these are all bony fish that are caught commercially from the wild, a dietary mainstay of aboriginal populations, sought after by recreational anglers, and farmed intensively because of their desirable taste and nutritional characteristics.

1. Get someone to catch this!!!  
Eat this! Purfectly prepared just for YOU!

Meowww are you hungry yet.....................                   3.  Ah yes.......PURFECT.....

Train your HUMAN go shopping, or fish for YOU!
 Invite your friends over:

The best part of any gathering, in "Diva" land is:

 bring the kittens, Diva's, and humans!
Marlene - loves this idea!
Best of friends!

Ok  Girl keep might get the ice - cream, purhaps a "99"
Ness Rottner likes this!
Memories of Brighton Peer!
"99" special.  Soft service ice-cream with a Cadbury fake..............


 Well my DARLINGS...after all this excitement.......!

See you next time......

Let me know what you are doing for your summer!


  1. Love you Diva ,you are purrrfict ,

  2. Dear Auntie Virginia,

    Thank you for the 'purrect' comment, we love to hear from you. Please share my blog post with your friends. We have 8200 page views -- hoping to reach the 10,000 mark by the end of the summer!