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Saturday, June 22, 2013

City to City: Vienna


I've decided to pay a little visit to Vienna myself, the travel bug got me so I decided to leave my human at home! LOL

I bet you thought 'felines' don't have a sweet tooth, well some of us do! I have a sophisticated palate and love to ROUTE (Root) it out.  :^..^:
 M I L K ,  C R E AM and any DELISH!!

Map:  Germany- Vienna

A Konditorei typically offers a wide variety of pastries and is like a little café. In Germany, Austria and Israel it is a very popular custom to go to a Konditorei to have a cake and some coffee or hot chocolate mid-afternoon.

The profession of the Konditor

developed from that of the baker. Once the bakers of medieval times (15th century) mastered the art of baking bread, some started to rarefy the dough with honey, dried fruits and spices. These specialists called themselves Lebküchler,

 Lebküchner or Lebzelter. They founded a guild in 1643 in the area in and around Nürnberg.

 {At the same time, the Lebkuchen bakers ran a second trade using wax, a side product of honey: they became chandlers, supplying churches and private households with artistic candles, wax figures and pictures made of wax. They carved wooden molds themselves and used these to pour magnificent pictures made of wax}.

My understudy supplies me with the "real deal"

  A few Konditoreien practised
 the sophisticated art of the chandlers until recent times.

In a her best German accent Diva meows "
^ .. ^ (Whistfully) Guten Tag, Art Madam! Bitte richten Sie mich zu den besten Konditorei in Wien, wo sie haben eine Fülle von Sahne. Danke!

 ^..^ (Whistfully) Good afternoon, kind Madam! Please direct me to the best pastry shop in Vienna,  where they have an abundance of cream.  Thank you!

 Well, I'm going out to the Vienna Wiener Konzerthaus

With a swirl of my Opera cape I'm on my way..................

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See you soon MY Darlings......Auf Wiedersehen!


  1. Dear "TRB" for your kind and encouraging reflections. 'Miss Diva Paws' blog post is delightful! And such a well-traveled feline, to boot!

  2. I love the blogs and picking up some very interesting information. Thank you Miss Jenny:)

  3. Dear Miss Heidi, thank you for comments. We love to travel bringing the world to your door step. Please tell your friends, for we love to hear ^..^

  4. I loved being able to travel with you in my mind ,

    1. Dear Aunty Virginia,
      Your comments are delightful, this is why I DO write!
      Bringing the pleasure of travel and humour to your doorstep.*paws tapping in delight)....MEOW ^..^!