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Friday, December 7, 2012

Day in the Park - Paws Wide Open!!

Once upon an Autumnal day I decided to give the chauffeur the afternoon off.  'James' had no idea of my plans and I wasn't about to tell him.

Dropping me off at Toogood Park in Toronto, the adventure was just about to begin.

I decided to re-live my kitten days by frockling in the leaves....purrhaps sniff out some 'flying squirrels'...a little snacky for my afternoon tea. Did someone say Souvlacki...

What adventures awaited me in this new playground outside of my kingdom..

only at playful kitten knows for sure!!!
Ah Squirrel Nests - possibly!
Riding the rails of Life...dare me!
A good run and scurry, wide open spaces.  My paws were itching to feel the wood under my feet (dig, dig, dig and free manicure)!!

What you expect me to fit!
I had visions of borrowing my cousins skate board, to hug the rails
(shakes head back to reality -- ok ok, leave that to the kids)!!

Maybe they will have to `shrink wrap` get me into the tree....I don`t think I`ll fit. I don`t have a head for heights!!!!

UMMM.......Well I could of brought my understudy along.  
Phew this is too much work.......better do some hunting for ( stomach growing - warning, warning  `Snack Attack`. Diva athlete stretches, into Yoga poses ready for ACTION)......

Very nice of nature to provide all the amenities!!
Menu board - very nice!
Boxed Lunch
 What do you mean -- can you swim.....of course I can!  I simply get the chauffeur to jump in and do the hunting -- what did  you expect (looking up at the ceiling)!!!  Oh yeah, he is off until 6:00 p.m. (sigh)!!

Super Size ME

Well, after much effort I realized hunting was much to be desired!

Ah yes, MY secret compartment of my IPHONE has GREENIES snacks....saved by the say..........or else I`d have to bribe Auntie Nessie for money!!!  Next time, I`ll be in good with the game keeper!

Feeling rather tired I spotted a nice cozy bench.  The smell of the leaves was so overpowering After all the fab fresh air I`m ready.............................fir a wee CAT NAP..................
Capturing a CAT BENCH
James: YOU bring the car!!!

Well, MY darlings it was quite a day..........(excuse me YAWN).

See you next time - be sure to visit my other blogs articles...we love your comments!!!

(Just in case I made you hungry......follow this link Cat Grass and Salad Stuff

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