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Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Dear Diva" What to do about finicky eaters?

Hello MY Darlings:

The arrival of Daylight Saving time is the purrfect time to make an announcement! Since most of you will be sleeping it will appear in tomorrow.

I will be featuring a new column called
"Dear Diva".  I will select one question of a general nature relating to, feline, canine or human topics.  

You may send your (printed) questions to:

Write to ME
One of the questions I have been asked is this:  What do we do about finicky eaters?

Well, if you are inviting guests who are. I suggest when creating your menu plan choose three types of meat: chicken, fish or beef.  That should please most discerning guests (even Divas or Divos).

Divos and Divas can be Drama Queens
A Favorite with Humans
 Provide lots of water with dry food. Most guests will simply be polite to accept what you have to offer - or else they will simply go hungry.

 If you are dealing with kittens or puppies, remember that they young and still developing their taste buds. Give them praise and encourage them.  Wagging tails and purring is a good sign. 
Remember Darlings, you simply can't please ALL feline or canine friends.   My human friends have said this many times. So be smart and don't even try!!!  

Ciao Darlings........

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